In the 1990’s, Jordan Belfort along with Danny Porush built one of the most successful and profitable companies in Wall Street History. His firm, ‘Stratton Oakmont’ became stuff of legend, employing over a thousand brokers, and making circa $50 million a year, earning Jordan the nickname “The Wolf Of Wall Street”


Jordan suffered a severe fall from grace, when him and his company were prosecuted for securities fraud in 1998. He fully co-operated with the authorities and after a brief custodial sentence, he has learned from the mistakes of his past and is making restitution for his actions.


Jordan has built over thirty, million dollar companies from scratch, and has done consultancy work for more than forty publically listed companies.  He  has regularly featured in the worldwide media as a guest speaker, on the BBC, NBC, and Sky News.


Jordan’s two books, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ and ‘Catching The Wolf’ of wall street have been bestsellers in over 40 countries, and translated into multiple languages. His life has been made into a feature film, directed by Martin Scorsese where he is played by Leonardo Di Caprio.


Jordan now tours the world as a Motivational Speaker, sales trainer and life coach, teaching his system to individuals and companies worldwide.