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the wolf of wall street jordan belfort  - jordan stands in white shirt smiling with arms folded

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“You Have Seconds To Make An Impression Or You’re Dead In the Water”

Cruel, but so very true.

As Ferris Buler would say, “Life moves pretty fast” - and our lives today are faster than ever.

We’re bombarded by people and things, wanting our time and money, so naturally we’ve evolved a filter that’s highly attuned to the first few seconds of any interaction.

We assess people in an instant.

And if you happen to be selling something, you almost get less than an instant.

You have to establish that you’re a person worth listening to straight away.

Because if you don’t, you’re facing an almost impossible uphill battle, even if you have a great product!

And the scary thing is:


“How do you even know if you’ve done something wrong”


People won’t personally critique your sales style or give you feedback, they’ll just tell you politely that they don’t want it.

Was it me? Was it the product?


Remove that doubt


Let me ask you:

How long did Jordan Belfort’s Stockbrokers in Stratton Oakmont, have to make an impression on the phone?

Just seconds, in a tough cold calling environment where they were looking to secure significant investments.

Yet this firm was making over $50 million a year off the back of these calls.

How was it done?

Through a tried and tested System

What’s on offer here is that exact System, used to train Thousands of Staff to make hundreds of Millions.

There will be no more uncertainly in you or your method.

You will close whoever is closeable.

This is the absolute fast track to sales success.


the wolf of wall street jordan belfort  - jordan stands in white shirt smiling

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Straight Line Persuasion


10 Hours of Video Training

10 hours of Audio Training

Digital Workbook

6 Hours of Recorded Coaching Calls

Public Relations Modules

Inner Game Of Wealth Creation

A value of $1,995


Straight Line Sales Psychology


6 Hours of Video Training

A value of $995


Private Training London


10 Hours Of Video Training

A value of $1495


Script Builder + Loop & Deflect


66 Page PDF Manual + Done For You Scripts

A value of $675



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